Photography & Video Production

Quality photography is a must for proper website design. Since you only get one chance to make a stunning first impression, make it count.

Professional Photography

Professional photography delivers for your website on two fronts: the aesthetic and emotional appeal, and the functionality—enhancing the user experience and guiding sales. With captivating images, site visitors tend to browse longer, improving your search rankings, site traffic and sales.

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Professional Product Shots

High-quality product images communicate your what and your why—elevating your brand and sales opportunities. Today’s consumers expect excellent product shots to make decisions, so let’s put them in the spotlight.

Website-Ready Images

Choosing the right images makes all the difference in attracting customers to your website – and even how long they stay on your website. Good imagery coupled with SEO-friendly image codes ensures a better ranking for your website.

75% of Online Shoppers Rely on Product Photos When Deciding on a Potential Purchase

Source: Efelle Creative

Website Photography by Kodiak BC

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Anita did a new website for our Fort Greenwood RV Park, it changed our window to the world. From a very few hits on our website, we got to hundreds, amazing. They use professional writers to expert photography, her team put together a site for us that has far exceeded what we could have imagined. We have had to make big adjustments to handle the new business.

Bryan Bell

Fort Greenwood RV Park

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