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With personalized, automated emails that meet your customers where they’re at in the sales journey, you save time, inspire loyalty and improve sales.

Promote Your Products

Email Marketing presents a unique opportunity to personally connect with your customers. Keep customers informed of promotions, insider tips and company news. When done right, email marketing can have a strong impact on your sales and brand awareness. Be one step closer to your consumers with email marketing.

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Grow Engagement & Sales

Many consumers look at their emails every single day. Harness email marketing as a method to reach your customers and entice them to interact with your brand.

Reach Customers Quickly

Email marketing is an efficient marketing technique that saves your time for other important tasks. Let us do the work and you grow your business.

Personalize Promotional Messages

One of the best aspects of email marketing is that you can send out automated and scheduled emails – but you can also personalize the message to specific customers! Cater to your specific customer type and adapt your message as you see fit.

73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email

Source: HubSpot Research

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Blimco is the real deal! We have worked with Anita for years, and love the results she has achieved for us online. Anita is laser-focused on her customers’ objectives and works hard to achieve the goals set. We appreciate her positive attitude, regular updates, clear communication, and her hard work. We can heartily recommend Blimco for anyone wanting good value for their online marketing budget!

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